UK's Stag Print Services Impressed By Benefits Of LED-UV

Stag Print Services Ltd, based in Surrey, shares the story of many family-run printing operations: the business has succeeded over the last four decades by focusing on high-quality print production, and by growing over time by expanding its range of in-house capabilities for commercial print and printed product packaging.

Preparing to celebrate its 40th birthday in 2019, the UK-based print house sees 40% of its work come from other printers, many of whom have divested their litho printing capabilities. Its trade customers come from the local markets of Surrey, Hampshire, and London, and rely on Stag Print to deliver a personalised and professional service, including colour matching and press approval, all with a very fast turnaround.

In January 2017, Stag Print Services invested in an LED-UV curing system from AMS Spectral UV – A Baldwin Technology Company – for a high-spec press they were buying from Oliver Offset (a Sakurai 575SDw). It was Oliver Offset that initially introduced Stag Print to AMS Spectral UV and LED technology.

The LED curing setup on Stag Print’s press includes one LED drying lamp positioned at the end of the press, which cures all inks and allows for sheets to come out of the delivery instantly dry.

According to Stag Print’s Sushil Patel, AMS Spectral UV was “brilliant at guiding us through the retrofit process, and at making recommendations on what was required.” He described the installation process as being smooth and organised: “The machine was delivered, the LED-UV drying system arrived a few days later, and within a week we were up and running – the whole process could not have been smoother.”

Since installing the LED curing system from AMS Spectral UV, Patel said they’ve realised many advantages that have been “game changers” for the company. “We have incredibly fast turnaround time now, with finishing starting while the job is still printing,” he commented, adding that this had reduced the amount of working space required for their operations, as jobs are printed, finished and sent for delivery immediately.

Patel also pointed out several other benefits LED-UV drying has brought to the table: “There’s now no risk of set-off, and no need for spray powder – this leads to a very clean pressroom environment, and eliminates worries about hickeys.” All of these improvements to the printing process, he said, also make our press team happier because their jobs have become easier.

One of the key advantages of LED-curing printing, Patel said, is its quality, which he describes as superb: “LED has enabled us to win work that we never would have before,” he said, adding that “the range of substrates we can print on – including plastic, vinyl, wood-effect papers and metalized boards – has opened up new markets for us.”

When it comes to the ROI of the LED system from AMS Spectral UV, Patel confirms the company is on track with recouping their investment. “For us, the ROI has been there,” he said. “We work to a three-year payback, which we’re on target for.”

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