Italian Packaging Printer Arca Sleeves Invests In LED-UV From AMS Spectral UV


For more than 60 years, Arca Etichette has been at the forefront of European printing technology. During the 1960s, Arca led the industry push towards self-adhesive labels, and a decade later they adopted thermal transfer technology. Now, through their daughter company Arca Sleeves, they have embraced the future of printing: LED-UV curing technology.

Arca Sleeves was founded in 2014 and specializes in the production of heat-shrink labels for products ranging from wine bottles to safety seals. In five short years, the sub-company has grown to €2 million in annual sales with just one printing press producing its work.

With the addition of a new Omet press equipped with the AMS XPi Flexo Series UV-LED system to their roster, the company reports that it is ready for its next stages of growth.

Arca Sleeves’ LED system from AMS Spectral UV is engineered to instantly and effectively cure flexo LED-UV inks and coatings on plastics using 385nm wavelengths; modules enable press speeds of 200 meters a minute, and output 32w/CM2 of UV energy to the substrate.

According to Maurizio Foschiatti, president of Arca Sleeves, the company decided to upgrade their press to LED-UV curing to increase production speeds and quality, while decreasing downtime and environmental impact.

Foschiatti said his research into the LED curing technologies currently available on the market, paired with recommendations from other packaging printers, pointed him in the direction of AMS Spectral UV as the best choice for achieving perfect curing on an Omet press. He chose the industry-leading manufacturer over other reputable potential suppliers because of the “powerful technology” that has been developed by AMS Spectral UV, specifically for high-speed flexo applications.

Regarding the purchase and installation of the LED-UV System, Foschiatti said that due to AMS Spectral UV’s “great technicians and excellent international service and support,” the installation process was smooth.

With their new LED-UV system in place, Foschiatti says he expects “much better production speeds, reduced downtimes, more intuitive usability, and a higher quality final product.” He went on to say he would recommend AMS Spectral UV LED Systems to any packaging printing company.