Flexible Packaging: LED-UV Curing’s Unique Advantages

AMS Spectral UV manufactures UV-LED curing equipment for flexographic and label printing presses. We can readily retrofit or equip new presses from Bobst, Omet, and Mark Andy, among others. 

UV LED curing technology delivers deep consistent curing, top production speeds, heatless operation and high reliability with unprecedented uptime to tag, label and film producers. The ready availability of LED inks, including low-migration formulations, from major manufacturers has led to increased popularity of LED systems for packaging production.


AMS Spectral UV manufactures curing systems for narrow-web presses smaller than 17" (430mm) in printing width. These systems typically consist of 6 to 10 modules, stationed after every color application.


We specialize in mid- and wide-web curing systems for flexographic presses, and offer seamless solutions that will not leave gaps or spaces in curing due to "daisy chain" style designs. 


LED Is The Solution For Flexo

Problem: Slower press speeds cause low production creating the need to add an extra shift or an additional press.
Solution: LED UV increases press speeds – one Flexo printer experienced an increase from 350 to 650 ft./min.

Problem: Lack of assurance of cure causing offsetting with standard UV.
Solution: UV bulbs burn out from the ends - therefore, the center of the substrate might be cured, but the ends remain tacky – causing offsetting and blocking. This is not a problem with LED UV.

Problem: Press downtime caused from standard UV faults.
Solution: LED UV does not have any moving mechanical parts (shutters) that cause press downtime. 

Problem: High energy bills from use of standard UV system.
Solution: LED UV uses as much as 65% less energy.

Problem: Standard UV burns through substrate causing significant downtime and the need to re-web the press.
Solution: LED UV doesn’t generate heat to the substrate. Plus thinner, less expensive film can be used.

Problem: Standard UV requires long start-up and cool-down wait times.
Solution: LED UV is instant on and instant off. No warm-up or cool-down time required.

Problem: Standard UV needs to be exhausted – heated/cooled air is wasted. 
Solution: LED UV does not require exhaust venting.

Problem: Standard UV bulbs contain mercury – a listed hazardous material. 
Solution: LED UV is a ‘green technology’ and does not contain Mercury or any other hazardous materials. 

Problem: Standard UV systems require ongoing operational maintenance.
Solution: LED requires no ongoing operational maintenance.

Problem: Standard UV bulbs burn out every 1,000 to 1,500 hours and are costly to replace.
Solution: LEDs last for more than 30,000 print hours (approximately 15 years).

Flexographic Presses Equipped With AMS LED-UV Systems:


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