Video Case Studies: Learn About Investing In LED-UV From AMS

The impact LED-UV has had on the printing industry the last years is simply amazing. AMS - now AMS Spectral UV - was one of the early adopters in this technology and not only have the technology developed rapidly when it comes to quality, pricing, and even the spectra where the UV-light operates, but the applications and equipment using UV has increased a lot.

Learn about how Greek printer Stathatos invested in LED-UV technology during the country’s financial crisis, and the impact it had on their business.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at AMS Spectral UV - A Baldwin Technology Company’s River Falls, WI-based manufacturing facility, and meet some of the people who help make the world’s best LED curing equipment.


President Steve Metcalf presents the LED-UV Lookbook at Print17, showing off the substrates and effects that can be used with LED-UV printing.

Billes Tryk in Gothenburg in Sweden invested in AMS LED-UV. In this episode, INKISH.TV brings a portrait of the company, with a special focus on why they have invested in LED-UV, how it has been implemented and what it will do for their business.

Königsdruck in Berlin is a printing house that has invested in the AMS LED-UV solution on their KBA Rapida-106. They print fine art and have built a reputation around its amazing quality.

Deltabach is extremely happy with their LED-UV system. In this episode INKISH.TV takes a look at the buying process, how long time the installation took and what advantages Marc de Jong sees with his AMS LED-UV.