The World's #1 LED-UV Curing Modules: AMS Spectral UV’s
“X Series™” Designs

AMS Spectral UV manufactures LED curing systems for commercial printing presses and other industrial applications, such as wide-format curing of adhesives and screens, and conveyor and web curing scenarios. Every LED-UV curing system from AMS Spectral UV requires three basic components: the LED curing/drying module or modules, the power supply/control unit, and a chiller that provides liquid cooling to the LED lamp, keeping it cool during operation. We can provide partial or complete systems, based on your requirements, ensuring you get a system that meets the necessary electrical and cooling specifications for your setup.

Below are descriptions of our various LED-UV modules/lamps, also known as dryers, which are designed to meet different application needs ranging from the high curing intensity to slim-profile designs for tight spaces. 

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The XP Series is the go-to LED-UV curing system for commercial sheetfed offset printing and a host of other applications that require a rugged, resilient curing module. Built using quality materials and the world's most powerful LED chips, the XP Series is designed to withstand nonstop use in tough conditions and high-productivity printing environments.


  • industrial-strength water and electrical connections

  • patented liquid-based cooling system to maintain temperature integrity

  • seamless form factor can be built to wide widths

  • upgradeable and replaceable LED chips

  • patented Peak Optics make it possible to position the module at varied distances from the media, up to 6 ins. away, while still achieving a secure cure

  • universal t-slot mounting rails make the unit easily integrated into a variety of machinery


WAVELENGTHS: 340nm, 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, Multiwave (blended) options available

PEAK IRRADIANCE: up to 32W/cm²

WIDTHS: can be built as wide as 3.2 meters (126")

INDUSTRIES: SFO (sheetfed offset) and web lithography; flexography; label printing; digital printing; corrugated and plastic printing; panel and screen curing; wood curing


The XO Series:

A high-power, durable and reliable curing option, the XO Series from AMS Spectral UV offers the full gamut of benefits enabled by LED-UV. With power densities up to 32/Wcm², it offers the ability to heatlessly cure on any material, from plastic and metal through paper and cardboard. 


  • patented interconnect architecture allows for individual module selection and control

  • LED Pulse enables "burst mode" for high-intensity curing and difficult applications

  • chip arrays are design for fast replacement and service in the field

  • universal t-slot mounting rails make units easy to install and to service

This proprietary design features instant on/off pure UV output, with no heat, all in a compact customizable package. Developed using sophisticated simulation software to maximize light collection, patented optics efficiently focus the UV at different heights for different applications.

Basic Specs:

WAVELENGTHS: 340nm, 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm

PEAK IRRADIANCE: up to 32W/cm²

WIDTHS: can be built up to 3.2 meters (126") wide

INDUSTRIES: sheetfed offset printing, corrugated material printing, digital printing, wide-format flexographic printing, screen curing, wood curing, other industrial applications



Designed as a compact, versatile curing solution, the Blade Series from AMS Spectral UV is ideal for flexographic printing and other applications that require secure curing on delicate substrates. With best-in-class power of up to 50W/cm², it offers the highest curing intensity from an LED-UV system available on the market today.


  • integrated intensifying optics provide light shielding of the box (no housing required)

  • "burst mode" for extreme high-intensity curing

  • shielded optics protect against light scatter that could damage machine components

  • module design ensures no gaps in curing across the media


WAVELENGTHS: 340nm, 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm

PEAK IRRADIANCE: up to 50W/cm²

WIDTHS: can be built up to 670mm (26") wide

INDUSTRIES: digital printing, flexographic and label printing, sheetfed offset printing, other industrial curing applications 



With a slim form factor that fits onto presses and other equipment with little space to spare, the XD Series curing module is a resilient, affordable option for adding UV-LED curing to your equipment. Built to withstand rugged industrial use, the XD Series can be used for screen curing and to cure varnishes on wood, as well as in the printing industry. 


  • slim profile that fits into tight spaces

  • ideal for half-size and small SFO (sheetfed offset) commercial printing presses

  • can be used for commercial screen curing applications where wide, seamless (not daisy-chained) curing is needed

  • lower-cost option that still delivers high-power curing intensities


WAVELENGTHS: 340nm, 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm

PEAK IRRADIANCE: up to 25W/cm²

WIDTHS: can be built up to 1 meter (40") wide

INDUSTRIES: flexographic printing, label printing, digital printing, sheetfed offset printing, screen curing, wood curing